30 November 2010

Sugar-Salem versus West Jefferson

This evening I went to watch my youngest brother play basketball for Sugar-Salem's varsity basketball team.  The outcome of the game doesn't really matter, even though Sugar won, what matters is the disrespect for the United States of America as shown by a few people from West Jefferson.  Before you read on, please be aware that I will do my best not to be stereotypical nor racist.
The major issue I had was that there were some young men across the gym that were around 15 or 16 that were hispanic.  When the cheerleaders came out with both the Idaho State Flag and American Flag, everyone stood and put their hands over their hearts, except for these three boys.  The Sugar-Salem Pep Band started to play the National Anthem.  These hispanic boys just stood there and didn't put their hands over their hearts.
That is what bothered me.  No respect.  I did promise to do my best at not being stereotypical nor racist, so I won't question whether they were American or not, but regardless, American or not, their act was very disrespectful.
I could understand if they were members of a particular religion, that prohibits them from "making oaths."  But this is the National Anthem, there is no oath.  It is as harmless as singing any other song.
I also understand that perhaps these young men really weren't American, maybe they were from another country and to that I say, CALL THE BORDER PATROL!(Just kidding Zach, I put that one in there just for you!).  I do understand that there is a possibility that they may have not been American, but if that is the case, I asked a couple of my non-American friends about "the incident."  They too agreed that their actions were disrespectful and that if they weren't American, they are here and they should show respect to their "hosts."  That respect would have been to stand and put their hands on their hearts.
It also bothered me that Mr. Luke (the teacher that is in charge of athletic activities) requested that everyone to remove their hats before the National Anthem was to be played and informed the audience that they were more than welcomed to sing along.  Many questions in my mind arose.  My main question was: really?  Have people become so ignorant that they have to be told that they need to remove their hats out of respect?  Do people no longer remember that the Star Spangled Banner has lyrics?  Look at competitors at the Olympics when they win gold some of them stare blankly at the flag, no motion in their lips.
As I talked to another person about my concern, he informed me that there are particular politicians, celebrities, and other influential people that don't respect Old Glory.
I close with this question, what can be done?

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